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Raw Vegan Fitness Challenge

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Welcome to the Raw Vegan Fitness group! You can connect with other members, get updates and more.

Ever done a Raw Vegan diet? Please consult your doctor before doing this challenge. After that... Be patient with yourself. In the 1st week, you will experience your body detoxifying. Symptoms: Headaches, fatigue, skin breakouts, constipation, & aches and pains. Once you go through your detox, you will experience a burst of energy that you didn't know you had. Your skin will glow and clear up. You will notice your hair and nails growing faster, joint pain relief, and more. 

Every time you start your workout, make sure you thoroughly stretch out and warm up to prevent injuries. Our fitness steps will begin slowly and will eventually build up by the end of the month. We gotchu! 

Decided to participate? Well, you must hold yourself accountable. You can either share your thoughts/meals etc. via Marco Polo or just share here. Be sure to post daily for moral support. If you like to be added to the Marco Polo group, be sure to contact me via chat so that you can be added. Support is everything. Measure yourself/Take a before pic: Measure: your bust, arms, waist, hips, and thighs, and scale yourself. I'm so glad YOU decided to do this challenge. Ready? Let’s become better than yesterday!


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